I am not a hoarder. However, I am also not the tidiest of individuals by any stretch of the creative imagination. This year I have been learning about the numerous advantages of a declutter session. It helps the prosperity and well-being of myself, my family and my business.

First of all, understand that the condition of your office is an impression of your emotional state. When I am feeling chaotic my office is disordered. This is the time when I know, love it or hate it, that the office will have to be cleared.

My natural mood is that of feeling free, clear and prepared to concentrate on the business at hand. At the point when my little office at home is untidy, I begin to feel fatigued, scattered and pre-occupied.

Disarray is stagnant energy and it will influence you inwardly, emotionally and physically. So let that old stale energy out. If you can’t put it away, throw it away. Try not to put old pointless stuff away particularly if it’s broken.
Broken things convey a stale energy. Discard them – for example, old printers or fax machines. Be ruthless. If something has been stored in a box for the last 3 years chuck it!

Anything with a negative connection, get rid of it. For example, keeping a piece of artwork given to you by an ex-partner can bring about sadness or anguish or blame. You don’t need those energies around you. If it’s a valuable piece – think of the money you can make!

When your office is clear you can discover things rapidly and effortlessly. You won’t feel unfocused or tempted to procrastinate by shuffling things around. Everything will already be in place. No excuses!

You may be in the situation that you feel you “ought to” clear up, but can’t quite muster up the energy. If this is the case, then get somebody that can help you and support you. Maybe a few, make it into a party!

  • When your office is cleared you feel brighter and lighter
  • When your office is cleared, you will feel less distracted
  • No obstacles in the way to trip over will help your day and your business to flow
  • Clearing up means drawing in wealth and prosperity, more clients, more customers, more business opportunities

How to do the Declutter

  1. Before you begin. Place a little bit of red jasper, green fluorite and amber in the middle of the room. These will be stones for helping you with resolution and determination (red jasper, tigers eye), organization (tigers eye and green fluorite) and purifying (amber).
  2. Unwind, relax for a few minutes and then take a piece of paper. Concentrate on the stones and ask yourself how your office can best serve you and your business.
  3. Remember you are the business and it is an extension of you.
  4. Check out the room and have a look at what irritates you. Record a list of the changes you need to make.
  5. Take the stones in your hand and think for a couple of minutes, envisioning the workplace looking wonderful, clear and clean.
  6. Now that you have your list and your vision gets to work. Get rid articles and things that are not business related. Clear your work area.
  7. You will feel brighter and lighter and raring to go.
  8. Make de-cluttering a regular occasion. You are assuming responsibility for your emotional, mental and spiritual self. As you are in charge of you, you will also be in charge of your business. That is great news!
  9. The stones to keep your space clear, composed and peaceful are black tourmaline, green fluorite and amethyst. These crystals are lovely adornments, which can be placed around the workplace to enhance it.

Once you have completed the declutter, relax for a moment and breath in that space and freedom!

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Love and Crystal Light

Bunmi x

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