Crystal Installations


Bunmi offers a full bespoke Crystal-Gridding interior design service, working with you/your interior designer as a crystal consultant.

Together, we’ll find what is missing in your life… love & romance, greater financial abundance, more creativity, health, happiness, etc. Then we’ll utilize the power of crystals to better attract what it is you desire.

The energy of your home or office can be manipulated to manifest all of the above. This is because the state of your personal life is reflected in the state of your living environment. Crystals can play a huge part in getting the energies just right.

Bunmi creates solutions that will leave you with a harmonized home that has an improved sense of balance and wellbeing, as well as manifesting and attracting your overall desires. You’ll attract what you want because you will literally live (in) it.


Bunmi was a Dental surgeon by profession (still is, technically). In 2008, a large change occurred (namely, a divorce). Bunmi had an epiphany, needing to find a sense of peace, wellbeing and balance. She found this through Crystal healing and Reiki.

It was the catalyst in transforming her life during and after divorce, leading her to delve deep into these topics and training as a Crystal Healer and becoming a Reiki master. Bunmi is also the bestselling author of “The Business of You” which captured how crystals can help anyone through a personal crisis. She also found that all aspects of life could be enhanced with crystal energy. Especially in one’s domicile.

There’s a passion around crystals that is exciting. Done correctly, they can enhance your entire life, and it starts with your environment. After all, your home is the extension of all that you are.

To unlock this wonderful energy, Bunmi designs striking crystal patterns installed in flooring and tiling, working in association with Budri (a beautiful Italian stone company who are leaders in marble inlays.) The result is a home that is uniquely you – your look, your tastes, and your desires.


Because they work.

Crystals are the physical embodiment of the Earth’s life force. In essence, they are the physical manifestation of the earth’s energy and are both nurturing and transformative.

Crystals aren’t just beautiful to look at, they are also very capable of enhancing the energy and mood of your space.

Different crystals have different frequencies. It’s important to get the crystals synched to what the room’s purpose is. Crystals for the bedroom are very different from the crystals for a study. The former needed peace and love, the latter needing concentration, creativity and learning.


Let's create your space.

I work with you or your designer to find out which crystals will work best for you, in which room or space.

This is a good way to get involved with Crystals on a budget.

Because of the uniqueness of each in-home project, I start off with a one-hour consultation fee (£400) to accustom myself to the client.


They are beautiful and effective.

I will setup a portable Crystal Grid(s) in your home. They are beautiful and effective, amplifying the energy to help manifest the outcomes you desire. Popular grid patterns include a home blessing grid, a wealth and health grid and a passion grid for love and romance.

Distance is not a factor with Crystal Gridding. We can work in person, or I can send you everything you need, and then guide you live, step by step, in setting up the grid in your home, office, or wherever you need the positive energy to manifest.

Amplifying the energy to help manifest the outcomes you desire.


Marble is the ideal setting for the crystals I work with.

I will work with you and /or your designer to create the most stunningly beautiful Crystal Grid design, installed right into the flooring. Semi- precious stones in this setting never looked so good. Not only are crystal installed floors breath-taking but also creates a harmonious energy to your home or office.

Working closely with Budri we can create something totally unique and magical, and bring this ancient art of crystal gridding into your home.


Space clearings to keep the energies clear.

Just as negative energies build up in our bodies energy hot spots, the same thing can happen in your home or workspace.  Accumulation of stagnant and “unwanted energies” in your space can affect your moods, your relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues. Stressful times taking place in your environment causes this, such as arguments between partners.

Just think of it as an energy spring clean that will make your space feel light and fresh and ready for new beginnings, a fresh start.

  • All negative emotional and unwanted energies removed
  • Tensions dispersed
  • Energies from past occupants of the home removed.
  • Increase chance of selling home.



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